Every ASEP online training class is not only an opportunity to increase your catering revenues, but also to hone your skills and establish your position as an expert in the catering and hospitality industry.

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Wedding Professional Certification Course

The Wedding Professional Certification Program is designed for special event industry professionals to sharpen their skills and attract and better service today's bridal and special events market. Created specifically those in Catering Director positions at wedding venues, the course is also beneficial to every vendor type and has been taken by Wedding Planners, DJs, Florists, Photographers, etc. The tools and tactics you need to stay competitive as well as to maximize the opportunity to increase your revenues from the lucrative 120 billion dollar wedding industry are discussed in detail. Seasoned and novice special event professionals alike will benefit from the training this program provides.


Webinars can be live or recorded broadcasts that you view from your computer. No traveling involved, to have access to relevant, timely topics!

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Upcoming, Live Broadcasts:

Annual Webinar Package (all 6 webinars)

All 6 webinars. Savings of $95.00

Recorded Webinar: The 2014 Wedding Trends are Here!

Topics include: All the "What's New"; "What's Not Going Away" and "What Needs to Go Away" of the 2014 Wedding Season; Inspiration We Love. . .

Recorded Webinar: Secrets of the BEST in the Business

Topics include: Find out how the MOST Successful People in our Industry Got That Way! Finding the training, certifications and education that propel you in the right direction.

Recorded Webinar: Becoming a Better Sales Person

Topics include: Creating a more marketable you!; Do the Research – Disecting the Spoken and Unspoken Needs of Your Client!; Stages of the Sales Process – Getting the "Yes" at Each One!; Your personal attitude, aura and amazing possibilities;

Recorded Webinar: The Luxury Bride DeMystified 2.0! with Wendy Dahl

Recorded Webinar: Hosting Your Own and Participating in Bridal Shows for Maximum Results

Topics include: How to Plan a Successful Bridal Fair at Your Place of Business; Maximizing your Results from Bridal Show Participation, including advertising, marketing materials and booth set-up; Engaging and Booking the Most Brides Possible

Recorded Webinar: The State of the Corporate Event Market and the Upcoming Holiday Season

Topics include: A current look at what is happening in the corporate event world; How to anticipate corporate trends and provide customized offerings; Holiday season revenue opportunities.

Recorded Webinar: Sneak Peek at the 2013 Wedding Trends and Tips

Topics include: All the latest, shiniest, awe-inspiring trends to make you swoon!; A look at the changing profile of today's bride; How trends can be revenue opportunities; Positioning yourself as the local "go-to" expert for the latest in event trends.

Recorded Webinar: The Luxury Bride De-Mystified!

With Guest Panelist Wedding Planner, Wendy Dahl.

Recorded Webinar: The Secret to Making Sales Calls Work!

Topics include: Avoiding the "cold call"; Finding the right and enough prospects to fill the pipeline; Creating a sales "process" with your prospects; Being more effective on the phone, and getting the face-to-face appointment; Creating a team approach to selling.

Recorded Webinar: Setting the Stage for Personal and Professional Success in the Special Event Industry

Topics include: Creating a more marketable you!; Casting yourself as an expert; Finding the training, certifications and education that propel you in the right direction; Your personal attitude, aura and amazing possibilities; Handling difficult team members.

Recorded Webinar: 2012 Wedding Season Tips & Trends

Topics include: Trend Alert - What's on the Horizon for 2012; Making the Most of Your Advertising Dollars; Multi-Cultural Wedding Opportunities; Your Annual Wedding Marketing Plan - New Ideas!

Recorded Webinar: Aligning Yourself with the Best Strategic Partners in the Special Events Industry

Topics include: Building Vendor Relationships; Unexpected Partnerships; Increasing Revenue Through Strategic Alignments

Recorded Webinar: The 2011 Holiday Season - Make it the Best!

Topics include: Christmas in July? Encouraging Early Bookings; Marketing and Prospecting Strategies; Holiday Trends and Upselling Opportunities

Recorded Webinar: Attracting Corporate Event Business

Topics include: Exposure - where can you catch the eye of Corporate Event Planners?; Marketing yourself as a corporate event venue/vendor; Creating corporate-friendly pricing

Recorded Webinar: The Top 5 Ways to Increase Your Event Business

(Recorded) Topics include: Increasing your revenues can be accomplished in many ways! Learn the top 5 things you should be doing and thinking about in order to focus on just one thing - increasing revenue!

Recorded Webinar: Increasing Your Wedding & Special Events Revenues

(Recorded) Topics include: The 3 Ways to Increase Your Revenues: Increase the number of weddings & events you do, Increase the size of the events, and Increase the per-event Revenues; The Value of the Written Plan; Using Your "Authentic Self" as a Tool for Increasing Revenues.

Recorded Webinar: Book More Wedding Revenue!

(Recorded) Topics include: Marketing, Advertising & Prospecting Strategies, Web Marketing & Relationship Marketing, Strategic Partnerships, Multi-Cultural Wedding Opportunities, Creating a Wedding Friendly Culture, Trend Alert - Turning Trends Into Revenue, Upselling and Revenue Increasing Strategies

Recorded Webinar: Building the Perfect Special Events Marketing Plan

(Recorded) Topics include: Competitive Analysis, Correct Positioning in the Marketplace, Targeting Market Segments, Components of a Well-Written Plan, Follow-Through and Execution, Upselling and Revenue Increasing Strategies.

Recorded Webinar: Attracting the Destination Wedding Market

(Recorded) Topics include: Becoming a Destination Wedding Hot Spot, Destination Wedding Trends, Creating a Wedding Friendly Culture, Marketing/Advertising/Prospecting Strategies, Referral Relationships, Upselling and Revenue Increasing Strategies.

Recorded Webinar: Increasing Banquet Wine Sales and Wedding Upsells With Guest Panelist Troy Conklin, WineBow Imports

(Recorded) Topics include: Wine Trends, Building a Proper Banquet Wine Menu, Wine Pairing, Conducting Proper Tastings, Selling and Upselling to the Next Tier (or two), Wedding/Event Upsell Opportunities.

Private Club Industry Specific Training Webinars

Select all three Club Marketing 101 Training Webinars and save $20.00

Recorded Club Marketing 101 Training Webinar: Maximizing A la Carte and Private Events Revenues

(Recorded) Topics include: Creating and Utilizing Your F&B Revenue Team, Private Events - The Low Hanging Fruit to Help Achieve the Net, Utilizing A la Carte to Improve Member Involvement, F&B Industry Trends, How Can We Determine Greater Space Maximization?

Recorded Club Marketing 101 Training Webinar: Building the Perfect Club F&B Marketing Plan

(Recorded) Topics include: Plan Your Work and Work Your plan - Get Off the Treadmill, Building a Revenue Team, Competitive Analysis, Correct Positioning in the Marketplace, Target Market Workshop, Components of a Well-Written Plan, Understanding Your Sales Plan Opportunities, Determining Top Initiatives for your Plan and Creating Measurable Goals, Developing Events, Traditions and Programs to Drive Revenue, Upselling and Revenue Increasing Strategies, Follow-Through and Execution, Execution, Execution.

Recorded Club Marketing 101 Training Webinar: Club Marketing and Communications in the Age of Social Media

(Recorded) Topics include: Definitions - It's Like Learning Another Language, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter...Are They "Club-Friendly"?, E-Newsletters, Member Marketing vs. Non-Member Marketing, Communicating to Achieve Your Financial Goals


Marketing Plan Templates

Package includes instructions and templates for: a SFSWOT Analysis, a Competitive Analysis and the Marketing Plan including goals, programs, action items, accountability, timelines and related expenses.

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