Lesson 2: Wedding Friendly Culture


  • Who is paying for today’s weddings and how understanding this helps tailor your sales presentation
  • Creating a wedding friendly culture with your approach and sales team; how to have your entire team working together to create that first impression that attracts today’s bride
  • Looking outside the immediate sales and catering office to understand that the entire company is in “sales” and how to bring everyone on board with making a good impression for the bridal couple.
  • The unique and never-outdated nature of the personal touch and follow-up in helping to close sales. Some things never go out of style or date! This section touches on some of the finer points to making a venue stand out more in their follow up with the inquiring bride.
  • Children at weddings – understanding how this can be a unique niche to help make your property stand out
  • The infamous “walk-in” bride and how to make this work to your advantage
  • Communication & professional expectations

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