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“Whether you have 20 years in the private event industry or 2 days, this certification will give you more information and training than you can imagine… don’t miss out on the opportunity! Our revenues are proof… it works!”
Belinda Short
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
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Keeping up with the latest marketing and social media strategies, creating the latest bridal trends, knowing how to handle the diverse cultures that often are part of today’s wedding events, all while trying to find new ways to increase your business can be daunting! This online training and certification program has become a must for any catering professional looking to expand their share of the $120 billion wedding market, gain a designation as a Certified Wedding Professional and distinguish yourself from the crowd. Brides want to work with experts, and this program will establish your place as an expert in the wonderful and changing world of all things “wedding”.


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Wedding Certification Program Description

The ASEP Certification Program is celebrating over ten years of successfully training and certifying wedding professionals in the special event industry from all over the United States to international luxury resorts.

The demand for a training program that catered to all elements and levels of catering sales, special events and operations within the hospitality industry was enormous. We listened and responded. Forever progressing and evolving with the course, staying in touch with industry leaders, trends and exclusive event industry statistic reports and insider secrets for benefit of our students, both present and future, is our passion.

This program is designed for hospitality industry professionals, and most specifically those in the catering professional, to sharpen their skills in today’s bridal and special events market. The tools and tactics you need to stay competitive as well as to maximize the opportunity to increase your revenues are discussed in detail. Seasoned and novice catering professionals alike will benefit from the training this program provides. Although designed for Catering Directors at venues, every industry vendor can find great, expert information and become well-versed in every aspect of the wedding market.

The interactive, online, program offers seventeen lessons. Each lesson concludes with a self-correcting, multiple choice quiz, which must be concluded before moving on to the next lesson; as well as an online workbook which can be printed and used as your to-do” list following the program. Online support is included and upon successful completion, you are presented with a certificate designating you as a Certified Wedding Professional. You are also provided with two different “Certified Wedding Professional” logos to use on your personal correspondence, website and in marketing materials.


Wedding Certification Course Outline

Lesson One

Laying the Foundation – Understanding Today’s Wedding Market

Lesson Two

Setting the Stage – Creating a Wedding-Friendly Culture

Lesson Three

Marketing and Selling to Today’s Bridal Market

Lesson Four

Your Unique Selling Proposition – Setting Yourself Apart

Lesson Five

Wedding Etiquette and Catering Service Standards Basics

Lesson Six

Your Wedding Image – Promotional and Collateral Materials

Lesson Seven

Industry Vendor Relationships

Lesson Eight

Multi-Cultural Weddings and Traditions

Lesson Nine

Second Weddings, Vow Renewals and Other Niche Markets

Lesson Ten

LGBT Weddings (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender)

Lesson Eleven

Upselling – New Revenue Opportunities

Lesson Twelve

Weddings- They’re Not Just One Event!

Lesson Thirteen

Destination Weddings

Lesson Fourteen

Preventing Crises and “What to Do If…”

Lesson Fifteen

Communication, Communication, Communication!

Lesson Sixteen

Pre-Qualifying Leads and Closing Sales

Lesson Seventeen

Tying It All Together – Creating a Marketing Plan


Your ASEP Certified Wedding Professional Training Program includes:

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