• Hospitality Sales Strategies | Using Internet Prospecting to Drive Revenue

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    The hospitality industry has evolved and so have sales strategies.  The Internet has become a staple in the business world today – advertising, research, competitive analysis and prospecting. Locating appropriate prospecting groups via the Internet (and having prospects find you) can be challenging, to say the least. As with most marketing tactics, there are numerous [...] Read More →
  • Sales & Marketing Inspiration | Team Marketing for Event Professionals

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    Creating an effective sales and marketing plan appropriate to your marketplace and your specific property is somewhat of an art and requires some inspiration. If you are a seasoned catering and event professional who has been in your marketplace for a substantial period of time, you probably have a very good “temperature read” of what [...] Read More →
  • Closing and Losing Sales | A Closer Look As We Prepare for 2013

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    As we delve into Summer with Fall right around the corner, it is a good time to take a look back  in order to look forward, plan appropriately and make good decisions regarding our sales efforts. Although we are seeing some positive movement in special event sales, we have to remain sharp with a clear [...] Read More →
  • Destination-Wedding Worthy | Are You a “Destination”

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    With the special events industry continuing to take some financial “knocks”, we have heard (and rightly so) a lot of buzz about destination weddings being the “recession resistant” market to target. Absolutely correct! We have been saying that brides today may be trying a skimp a little on their budgets (cutting the guest list being the [...] Read More →
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    Blogs and Websites and Twitter, Oh My! One of the great questions I receive was about using all the great blogs, websites as well as social media in our special event business. I was asked – “What are your favorites?” Well, here they are – I must say, there are SO many really amazing ones, [...] Read More →
  • Making Your Service/Product About Value, Not the Price Tag

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    Price Wars – Making Your Sales Approach NOT About the Price! In the hospitality/special events industry, we are not immune to price wars. As in any industry, they can kill your margins, not to mention making the “closing” process of your sale more difficult. Focusing on a “value-based” selling strategy seems to be a good [...] Read More →
  • Hospitality and Event Professional Development and Education | Top 10 Factors To Consider

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    What does professional education mean to you? For so many of us in our industry, we are just trying to make it through an incredibly busy day and working too hard “in” the business to work “on” the business. Continuing one’s professional education not only makes you more valuable in the workplace because of increased [...] Read More →
  • Proper Business Manners | eEtiquette More Important Than Ever in Business

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    It’s late Spring and the gateway to summer- Memorial Day – is almost upon us.  How are things going with regard to sales goals and revenue so far?  We are almost half – way through the year and many of us are taking a look at our departmental and company budget goals and even if [...] Read More →
  • Special Event Creative “Soreness”

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    You know that great feeling you get when you work out and you are sore afterward? It makes you feel like you really did something! That soreness comes from working a muscle group past the point of it’s’ comfort zone. It’s where the real change in your body starts to happen. In a recent moment [...] Read More →
  • NACE EXPERIENCE! 2010 and MUCH more!

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    What an exciting week it has been! Today I hosted another webinar, this one on “Maximizing the 2010 Holiday Season” Despite a VERY raspy voice today (of all days!), the webinar was great and lots of wonderful comments started pouring in afterward – thanks, everyone! I conducted an interesting “poll” during the webinar to see [...] Read More →
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