The Key To Success In the Special Events Market : Training | Part One

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 The key to success in the private special events market is and always has been investing in training for members of your team.  While we offer an online wedding hospitality training program for special event professionals as well as in-person training and train and certify wedding professionals world-wide, there are also other reputable professional training programs in which to invest as well.

In addition to training programs, there are some things you can do right now with your team. We have taken a few minor highlights from our online training program to share with you here below:

1.  Every department at your business needs to be in sales. 
What does this mean?  If you are a venue, from your front desk staff, restaurant hostess , banquet staff, housekeeping and maintenance, every single member of your staff must recognize the value of the customer/guest.   Every contact with a client or prospective client is a presentation.  This could range from a company policy of greeting everyone who passes by to everyone checking in and being introduced to the Bell Captain by name.  From the minute the client arrives at your business, every member of your staff should be courteous, considerate and eager to make them feel special.

One historic hotel in California implemented a mini training program for key front line departments such as front desk, concierge, restaurant hostess and banquet staff.  The objective was for them to become more familiar with the menus their hotel offered for private events as well as the previously successful events at the hotel.  They were given a walk-through and orientation of events spaces, several fantastic tastings of the Chef’s menus,  and each department was stocked with sales brochures, wedding packets and business cards in the event the Director of Catering was unable to meet with walk-in customers, the other departments were able to provide the walk-in with valuable information and help mitigate the chance of losing a potential sale due to no one knowledgeable being around.  Of course, no other department is expected to check availability, negotiate pricing and policies nor are they expected to know the entire details the sales department does, but the very fact that the “front line” staff were “baptized” on a basic level into some of the basics, they could speak from the heart and support sales efforts.

2. Communication, Communication, Communication
Re-evaluate your event contracts and BEO’s to create one comprehensive sheet of paper that can be recognized and understood by all team members.  Having a contract, which is viewed and agreed to by everyone , including the client, will enable the most important thing: the customer to receive stellar service. This same piece of paper can include general hotel booking information, any special check-in requirements for this party/event, comps, upgrades, menu, room set up, etc.  Since the client has viewed it and signed it as well, the staff can look at it and see what the client agreed to and then deliver the service that was promised…and hopefully go a little above and beyond.

To Be Continued in Part Two …..

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